Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Weather Update

Warning: please do not believe the little weather gismo on my site, no, not for a second. It states it's cloudy and only -5 this morning... wtf? Really? I'm sat here looking out the window at a raging storm, the snow is coming down so thick I can't see the tree ten feet away. And the wind? The wind is howling ferociously blowing said snow all over the place. Visibility is the nose in front of you face and the temp, I'm reliably informed by the thermometer on the outside window, is hovering around -3.

What's worse, we're expecting anywhere between 25-30 cm by the day's end. Though, of course, we've nothing to complain about here in QC, others to the east are experiencing a mini ice-storm and, are due to get another whopping snowfall of 30-40 cm.

What was that about Groundhog Day and Winter finishing early? Crap! I think She's just getting started.

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