Thursday, February 27, 2003

He's in Our Corner

He’s new blogger Jim Culleny, who links a “thanks to blogsisters” from his new weblog post that refers to Betsy post below. He emailed me to see if we might include him in our blogroll, and of course, I had to inform him that our blogroll only links to member Blogsisters. BUT, I replied, I would be more than happy to give him some play here.

Jim lives surrounded by women he loves, including two natural daughters, one stepdaughter and three granddaughters and, he says “(as you must suspect) I can’t get away with even the slightest slip into the overbearing mandom.” No wonder he likes the likes of Blogsisters!

Jim writes commentary for the Greenfield Recorder in Greenfield, Ma. And does frequent radio commentary for public radio in Amherst. He’s also had work aired over National Public Radio's All Things Considered .

If Blogsisters had an honorary membership category, he would be a prime candidate. However, since we don’t, I’m going to list his weblog, in my blogroll and invite my sistahs to consider doing the same.

He says on his new blog: I'm open to new info, odd info, funny info, perplexing links, new angles on political mendacity, the tortured logic of big heads, and reports of high & low-level public screwups (for example, the loose lips of Trent Lott)...anything good citizens ought to be made aware of. Send anything you'd like. If I can use it I will.

Sure sounds like our kinda guy. And what really sold me was linking, up front, to the following poem:

by Wislawa Szymborska

Island where all becomes clear.

Solid ground beneath your feet.

The only roads are those that offer access.

Bushes bend beneath the weight of proofs.

The Tree of Valid Supposition grows here
with branches disentangled since time immemorial.

The Tree of Understanding, dazzlingly straight and simple,
sprouts by the spring called Now I Get It.

The thicker the woods, the vaster the vista:
the valley of Obviously.

If any doubts arise, the wind dispels them instantly.

Echoes stir unsummoned
and eagerly explain the secrets of the worlds.

On the right a cave where Meaning lies.

On the left the Lake of Deep Conviction.
Truth breaks from the bottom and bobs to the surface.

Unshakable Confidence towers over the valley.
Its peak offers an excellent view of the Essence of Things.

For all its charms, the island is uninhabited,
and the faint footsteps scattered on its beaches
turn without exception to the sea.

As if all you can do here is leave
and plunge, never to return, into the depths.

Into unfathonable life.

Welcome to the blogiverse, Jim.

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