Tuesday, February 11, 2003

courtney unplugged, undressed

On Ms Love's recent Magazine Naughtiness comes;Commentary by Miss Feva I'm no prude, yet I felt embarrassed for Love while viewing these photos

View more not-so-salacious pix of Courtney replete with circa '95 post-ironic porn stylist aesthetic here.
I can but concur with the nonr-too-proper Mademoiselle Feva. It is not blank morality that impels one's gaze away from a nudie Courtney. Nor is it the dimensions of her dinnerplate nipples. (Oooh. Ping.) Rather, the shame of this shoot, which features muff-waxing, inheres in its lack of hip. A decade ago, such pictures might have emerged remarkable for their riot grrl sass, nu-lib grunt, subverted porn etc. Sadly, the session's value as a cultural artefact does not exceed - well, just what it is, really: an expensively nipped, tucked chick in good shape and pushing forty and desperate, despite vaunted 'feminist' leanings, to show us all exactly how spongy-fresh and non-menopausal her female parts remain.
Personally, I'm hungry for 'statements', if they need to be made, of wild, unkempt amd assured femininity that do not involve nakedness.

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