Thursday, February 13, 2003

Annika Sorenstam: Golf's Billy Jean King

So Sorenstam, the winningest female golfer of all time, and arguably the best ever, has accepted an invitation to play the world's best male golfers in a PGA tournament. She's only the second woman ever to do this.

Most of ther men have been gracious and enthusiastic, but of all people, Tiger Woods disappoints. He said he was happy to play against Sorenstam, but said he was worried that it would be bad for women's golf if Sorenstam played poorly.

Note to Tiger: I hope she kicks your sorry ass.

Al the talk is about how women have a physical disadvantage because they don't have the power off the tee. This tourney should level the playing field with its short fairways. Besides, if the important thing about golf were physical power, these guys would be weightlifters, not riding around in stupid little golf carts and wearing chinos.

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