Wednesday, January 29, 2003


Oh yes he did.

This popular OB branded a patient's uterus with his alma mater insignia before removing it during a hysterectomy. The patient, who later saw the good doctor carving his UK Medical School john hancock into her womb while reviewing a video tape of the operation, says this:

"It was a mockery to my body," Means said. "This was an organ that created my two beautiful children, and I wanted it discarded with respect. And it wasn't. It was used as a toy in the operating room without my consent.... So I felt as though I was an insignificant person. I question, would he have done this to the governor's wife or someone of great importance?"

I completely agree with her.

Means goes on to say that the event has affected her marriage and children... that her children "are offended by just looking at a UK sign."

I don't know that I would have involved my children in my hysteria, but hey, I sure would have been FIT TO BE TIED, no pun intended. And I'm not sure what kind of husband she has if he's so concerned about "claiming loss of companionship because of the strain the incident has put on their relationship" rather than visiting Dr. Guiler and doing a little branding of his own.

But if they can make a buck off of this while putting Dr. Guiler out of business, all the better for everyone. The woman, at least, deserves it.

And thanks to George for the link.

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