Friday, November 29, 2002

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

In keeping with the free-spirited and inclusive intentions that are at the heart of Blog Sisters, today, CEO Jeneane and President Elaine issued the following light-hearted (and somewhat light-headed, after all that world-wide publicity) press release:

Blog Sisters--For Immediate Release

Blogsisters Relocates Headquarters to Blogaria

Women-Only Weblog Moves from Blogsville to Blogaria to Provide Added
Convenience for Members Attending the University of Blogaria

BLOGARIA, November 29, 2002 - Blog Sisters announced today that it has relocated its headquarters from Blogsville to the college town of Blogaria. The move puts members in closer proximity to the University of Blogaria (UB) where several Sisters hold positions and attend classes.

“When Blogsville turned into Dullsville, we knew it was time to breathe some new life into this community,” said Blog Sisters’ founder and UB staff member, Jeneane Sessum. “Some of us were having to travel five or six clicks just to get our research done on time—never mind correcting papers. It seemed like a good time to pack up and move to Blogaria”

“We’re happy to have the Blog Sisters nearby,” said UB Provost and Vice Chancellor of Imaginary Affairs Frank Paynter. “They know how to cook and clean, and most of the men here have no clue,” he said. “They’re also kind of snazzy dames.”

Blog Sister President, Elaine of Kalilily, responded by socking Paynter in the gut. “That’s just a warning, Bucko,” Elaine said. “Next time I aim lower.”

All in all, the Blog Sister faculty members and students now residing near UB are pleased with the new living arrangements.

They have, however, placed steel-jaw leghold traps at each door to prevent panty raids.

Prof. of Priapic Ideation, Christopher Locke, was not deterred by this news.

“One hundred smart women in one blogdorm—I don’t really need my left leg anyhow.”

Last seen, Elaine of Kalilily was at a kick boxing studio honing her body blows.

# # #

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