Wednesday, November 27, 2002

from 0 to 5

soft legs and fleshy neck, the smell of her newborn hair, rubbing my cheek against hers, healing warmth, unspoiled, suckling with rounded fists, peace, awe, eyes that follow me, change colors, open mouth, words forming, joy of legs and arms moving, the first crawl, chasing cats, eating lint from the carpet, tottering from sofa to piano stool, screaming laughter, ugh-ohs, cheerios, elbow macaroni and banging spoons on high chair tray, wandering roaming walking, eating goldfish on the go, washing down crackers with a bottle, french fries, sippy-cup, meatballs and spaghetti sauce hair, sticky bedtime bath, shampoo sweetness, bedtime stories, morning eagerness, piercing voice of joy, running and strutting, up and down stairs, mama, dada, kitty, doggie, pre-k, best friends, skipping and dancing, artwork, watercolors, markers, playdough, Barbie, CDs and cassettes, tantrums, attitude, bumps and bandaids, hugs and tears, a big-girl bed, dresses and party shoes, bows for her hair, phone calls and shopping, pigtails and braids, reading and math, books and papers, hearts and flowers, muscled legs and long neck, the smell of her long, curly hair, rubbying my cheek to hers.

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