Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Calling All Blog Sisters

There's been an interesting conversation going on over on Shelley Powers' blog about "girlism" and "feminism" and the like. In the sub-discussion comments, an interesting post from Dan Lyke about Blog Sisters caught my attention. Among other things, Dan said:

"I try not to read Blog Sisters because it feels like 'Maxim for girls', reinforcing the sorts of attitudes which lead to good docile consumers who fit into easily manipulated demographics."


"I understand that Blog Sisters is non-commercial and has no editorial control and is just what its members make of it. And yes, a quick glance through finds some good content. But overall, if I were to paint women in general with the brush I get from Blog Sisters I'd run screaming from the world. My issue, my perceptions, not yours, and it's unlikely that any amount of meta-argument is going to change my mind. If I thought that Blog Sisters accurately represented the attitudes and opinions of women in my personal community, I'd read it for information about them no matter what. And if you're happy with Blog Sisters, more power to you, you're welcome to do with my opinions what you wish."

I take some responsibility for what Dan has missed about us. While I'm not sure where he got the impression that we are "reinforcing the sorts of attitudes which lead to good docile consumers who fit into easily manipulated demographics," I am sure disappointed that he would run screaming from the world if he thought we represented women in general.

That's kind of hard to hear.

I think my part in contributing to Dan's misperception of this place is that I haven't emphasized enough the variety and depth and diversity of women, opinions, lifestyles, beliefs, etc. that are represented in the woman of this community.

I want to change this.

Could each of you--if you want to participate--please email me tonight or tomorrow (there is a time sensitive element to this) a few sentences that describe you--what you're about, what you do, your interests/passions/expertise, your age if you want to share, where you live (state or country, etc.) or anything else that makes you you. If you have a JPEG photo of yourself, send that too, as well as your weblog address.

I want to create a page that tells who we are--who all of us are--not just me, Elaine, and Andrea (the crew that keeps this place going). I'd like to make it easier for those who read us to understand that the women here are single, married, young, not so young, from around the globe; they're stay-at-home moms, working moms, childless-by-choice, or still looking for Mr. or Ms. Right; they're journalists, technologists, children, mothers, grandmothers; they're dancers, artists, poets, feminists, non-feminists. All of it and more.

If each reader were to read every post and visit every individual weblog present here, they'd see this. But let's face it; we can't expect that, and I hate that some folks are missing what makes this place so cool--you.

Andrea, if you want to help, maybe we can design a who-we-are page that says, "About the Blog Sisters," and put our short bios and pics in alphabetical order, along with links to each woman's weblog.

Thoughts? If you email your info and pics to ewriter@bellsouth.net, we'll take it from there. Rather quickly.

Sorry this was so long in coming. Thanks, Ladies.

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