Thursday, May 23, 2002

Why men behave badly
According to this very interesting study (what would we do without them?), women who want to know if their men will stray, should check out their testosterone levels.

Imagine this conversation:
    Wife: Are you cheating on me?

    Man: Of course, not darling, I don't even look at other women any more.

    Wife: I feel you've lost interest these days...

    Man: Oh darling, it's just that there's so much on my mind these days... And then there's the kids, paying the bills, bringing home the bacon, blah..blah..blah...
This could actually be a valid excuse!

"Scientists at Harvard University have discovered that married men who spend time with their family have lower testosterone levels than bachelors." - Read it here.

So if the husband feigns a headache and looks tired and uninterested, you know what to blame - marriage and the kids! Don't say we didn't warn you now!

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