Thursday, May 02, 2002

TBIO continued

Elaine, your idea is excellent, and I like the way the graphic is going. I'm definitely in on this too! I have an idea related to one of my first "poetry collections" that I made, wherein much of the poetry dealt with self-image. I hope to draw something together and post it on my own blog on the fifteenth. I would like to add my encouragement to the Sisters to not just make a simple post, but to really use their talents to speak eloquently in their own unique ways about dealing with body image and self image, whether through art, poetry, personal stories, crafts (as suggested in the comments), whatever. This deserves more time than simply one day. It's a worthy campaign. :-)

I remember when I was twelve or thirteen, and my peers were helping to make me miserable every school day (and I was helping make myself miserable right along with them). In a burst of tears I told my mom, "I feel like everyone else is a butterfly and I'm just a moth." What I didn't know then is some moths look like this, and I was judging myself by an unrealistic (and untrue!) standard.

Body image issues are certainly getting to a disturbing state when people who have starved their own child think the kid is starting to get "chubby" after being taken away and put on a normal diet. Newsflash to the clueless: all healthy one-year-olds look a little chubby. It's called baby fat and it's normal.

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