Sunday, May 12, 2002

estrogen heavy workplaces and homes

Elaine and I have a discussion going on over at my place that might be better discussed here. It's about the overwhelming femaleness I'm feeling in my house mothering my girl child with my husband gone for three months. The shrillness of energy (not always positive, sometimes positive) I feel in my home without him here, and the way my daughter is fighting to change into a four-year-old woman with him away, has me dismayed.

I compared this feeling to the women-majority (close to woman only at some points) company I worked for here in Atlanta that was one step away from a looney bin. Elaine had a wonderful experience at the almost-women-only business she worked for. She attributes that experience in part to the femaleness of the place. In the same way, I attribute the hysterical nature (and it was--most days someone was crying or storming out) of the place I worked for to the absence of the other half of our species, whose mere presence I think would have perhaps kept our highs from going so manic and our lows from going so depressive. Maybe with the right woman in charge a workplace can emulate the best of women? And maybe with the wrong woman in charge, you get what I got at that psych ward that was my job for 4 years.

Am I insane? Probably just missing my man. What a woman. ;-)

Elaine, you're still my hero.

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