Monday, May 20, 2002

Double standards?
When men are unfaithful or lust after other women (even while they are in a steady or satisfactory relationship) it is just an extension of their sexuality.
    "While they can control themselves through social and emotional restraints, it is considered "normal" for men to desire a number of women."
On the other hand, when women are unfaithful, then they need a good reason - like an unfulfilling marriage or a bad relationship.
    "The feminist solution has been to argue that women simply cheat for the "right" reasons -- be it sexual or emotional freedom. This in turn implies that the most widely acknowledged cause for male adultery -- the desire for variety -- is simply "wrong"... When we claim women cheat for "better" reasons, we are being unfair, though less to men than to women. Beneath this celebratory rhetoric is an archaic and repressive vision of female sexuality. Implicit in this type of reasoning is the idea that married women have to provide worthy motives for straying -- be it emancipation or love."
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