Wednesday, May 08, 2002

As a matter of fact, diamonds are not my best friend.

Tonight's 60 Minutes II features an ecstatic report on "clean" (vs. "conflict") diamonds coming out of Canada.

It's estimated that approximately 4% of all diamonds are mined out of war torn parts of Africa. Sales of these diamonds fuel fighting in Angola, Sierra Leone and the Congo. There is almost no way of assuring whether a rock is clean. There are no brands and no way of telling where a diamond originated. That said, I have never wanted a diamond. As a matter of fact, if I were ever presented with a rock that is clean with 100% certainty, I still would refuse it. Diamonds hardly represent glamour to me. Au contraire, when I see rocks, I see malnourished and amputee children. I see blood. Lots of blood.

Consider me like you would an anti-fur person who won't even wear fantasy fur.

That said, I did a little Google search on this topic and wouldn'tcha know... Those Canadian diamonds ain't so clean.

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