Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Just saying hi.

I would like to introduce myself........i'm Em, just 30 and as English as could be with a little Irish thrown in. Shaken and stirred with equal measures of confidence, craziness, itchy travelling feet, desire for knowledge, down days, up days topped off with taking each one as it comes, well it works for me? Too often i try to run before i can walk, i guess you could put that down to an impatient soul but i'm working on it.
I spend my days working as a Sport Studies Technician although exactly how i fell into this career escapes me but its an enjoyable job with a great deal of freedom to pursue my MA in social sciences. Where i'm going isn't particulary important i never make life plans just immediate choices but i suppose that comes under my 'feet first, think later' personality trait.
I'm looking forward to joining in and following the adventures of Blogsisters along with posting on my own site boudoir along with contributing towards BadsamaritanNext. No harm in a little shameless plugging is there?
Hello to you all.

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