Thursday, March 28, 2002

Why ARE we so quiet???
I was wondering that myself, Anita. Maybe BSers are commenting but our comment feature keeps coming and going?

Maybe because we save all the good stuff for our own blogs? Maybe we've run out of things to say?

I've been ruminating about all of that myself because we starting out sharing all kinds of interesting and sometimes personal stuff. And I liked that because we weren't dealing with discussing the technology itself -- which is what many other blogs I read do. We were demonstrating how that very technology can be used to form a dynamic community that could never exist anywhere else.

So where is everyone? Watching the A&E "Biography" program on Mary Magdalene that they taped on Tuesday? (Just a reminder that Salome is featured tonight.) If I had access to the comments, I would look back at one (of course, I can't remember who posted the comment) recommending a novel based on the female in question's take on biblical events. What I wanted to say was that, while I find those kinds of fictionalized histories great and affirming reads, what I'm really interested in is what the "whole" history really is -- that is the history that hasn't been told because the original tellers were men and therefore writing from their perspective and for the purpose of promoting their own agendas. I'm not talking about "revising" history; I talking about expanding the perspective (through more inclusive research) of what we have accepted (and are accepting) as accurate history.

So, in that vein, I'm very curious to see what "Biography" does with Adam and Eve, as well, which was scheduled for Friday but has been replaced with Dudley Moore, who recently passed away (at an age only four years older than I am now.) I would imagine that they will be doing Milton Berle next week. Uncle Miltie was a weekly staple on our black and white miniature TV back in Yonkers, New York in 1948. He brought transvestitism into our very living rooms and we loved it. He is the icon of Drag Queens. He played right to the camera with his zany "off-side" remarks, and we laughed and loud and loved every minute of his stap-stick antics. Good-bye Uncle Miltie.

So that's what I'm thinking about. What are you thinking about???? Huh?? Huh??