Sunday, March 17, 2002

Comment on Comment
Marenoire commented this on my previous post:
I can do *hugs* only so often but there are times where I find my voice isn't exactly a common one. I know that I like reading about what other women are thinking, especially if they are in a place where I aspire to be. Sane. Heh, kidding. This is a diverse entity, I hope we acknowledge, appreciate, and respect the voices especially if it isn't ours.

I replay it here because this is just the kind of conversation I hope to get going, and I also hope that she doesn't mind my calling attention to what she said. I know that it's easier to comment than log on with an actual blogpost, but I also know that some readers never get to the comments. So, it might be possible that Blogsisters will do away with the Comment feature so that nothing important gets missed.

And what Mare said is important. I think we all aspire to what she hopes for -- to acknowledge and appreciate all voices, even those that aren't ours. Now, I'll state my biases right up front: I'm a staunch political leftist, and I am not open to conservative rhetoric. So, the best I can do when some surfaces is keep my mouth shut. I am also a "nurturer," and happy giving comfort and support when it seems to be needed, so *hugs* are sure OK with me. They just need to be balanced with constructive and thoughtful ideas, perspectives, and questions. So, in the black sea out there, I hope Blogsisters can be a beacon.


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