Saturday, March 09, 2002

Blogger has been sucking and other things

Is it me, or has blogger--love them as I do--been sucking oranges since this upgrade thing? Every time I have a good thought, I go to blog it and can't get in or on or around my blogs. My thoughts are hard to come by, dammit, and they don't stay long between these two ears. We're paying our share here. They need to kick the hamsters up a notch. If you're listening, blogger, please, huh?

If you're having trouble getting in, try going to and getting in that way. It worked for me just now.

So you think you know your old dog, and you think you know your kid. Then you leave the room for a minute while the dogs are eating and the daugther, who knows never to bug the dogs while they're eating, is on her computer. Dogs are almost done eating. You don't think twice. Then the scream. HOLY Sh...! Thank God, no blood, just a couple marks on her cheek where old Diva decided to do something she's never even thought of in her 11 years and snap at our daughter. Part 2 of the story--what do you think my little golden child was doing to get the snap? Taking one of those party toot-toots, you know, the kind that make noise and roll out like a long toungue, and blowing it at the dogs while they were finishing their dinner. Wasn't until she went up and did it to Diva that she got the surprise of her life.

A little ice and a lot of hugs later, and she's as good as new... which is pretty good:


Still, I kick myself. I know rule number one of kids and dogs. But she knows better, and they know better, and they were almost done, and she was just playing a computer game. And look how quickly it could have changed. I'd say the dog missed her eye by a half inch.

So now, I never look at my old dog the same way. She's the most patient, loyal, obedient mutt you could ever want. And still, I look at her now and think, you're old and you're not the dog you were.

Thank goodness I get to have a second chance to pay attention!

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