Sunday, March 03, 2002

Beyond the Sleezy Video

For sure, the sleezy video company slammed in this article deserves the lawsuit it got--maybe the judgement will even thankfully put them out of business. But the truth is, others will follow in their place, and the point is this: Young women, what the hell are you doing? I hate this "victim" role women play. It reinforces the "too dumb to know the difference" label many love to slap on women. How about this--DON'T go to spring break, and if you do, DON'T sit in a barber chair and let someone pry you with alcohol (I love the passive voice--liquor was poured down her throat... please), and if you do, DON'T do it without a good friend by your side--one who will STOP you, and if you DON'T stop, then at least DON'T stand up in front of cameras and dance around naked. And if you ignore all of that, do it anyway, then don't whine about it. Sue them, yes. But don't compare it to rape. P-L-E-A-S-E.

Okay feminists, have at me.