Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Heather, Hope You Stop By

Thanks to Denise, our "at will" resident sister lawyer.

Don't you wonder how many of us could face a similar fate once corporations get a load of what's going on out here? I know that most of them don't know--I work with them all day long, every day. They see my mug. They think blog is a cute and funny word. But they have no idea that we are thinking out loud and--as David Weinberger has said, writing ourselves into existence.... an existence outside of the corporation.

Heather's employer gets wind of her blogging and website, and corpo-paranoia goes into overdrive. There but for the grace of God...

This is where corporations will be their worst enemy. Bloggers are their biggest asset--and they don't even know it. We can be their foot soldiers. We can proudly show our ties to our companies. And when they act like asses, we can even rat them out. But no matter what we say in a public forum--a free speech forum--and no matter how counter-corporation what we say is, why would they be so stupid as to kick us out of the fold?

I look forward to digging deeper into Heather's situation and hope she stops by to get Denise's take on things. The whole free speech/net/blogging issue deserves lots more exploration.

Hang in there Heather!


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