Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Enter Stage Right

Hi, I'm Andrea, and I'm all fluttery and pleased to be in such esteemed company.

Just a little introduction from me.

I am weird. I grew up on a sailboat and have traveled 2/3 of the United States, visited Russia, UK, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. I like poetry by e e cummings and learning programming languages. I like retail therapy and crochet, and I like playing softball and video games.

I grew up in a family where gender roles were rather loosely defined. My dad, who was raised by his grandmother, mother, and older sister, makes a much better housewife than my mom, the one with the college education and the Master's degree. Growing up, I was taught that nothing (except maybe the bathroom) should be denied me because of my gender. If I wanted toy trucks, I got toy trucks. I think I only ever owned one Barbie doll.

I never had a significant stigma or a struggle attached to my femininity (except for puberty, which is a horror for any self-respecting tomboy-- what do you mean I have to wear a bra?). I've always had plenty of male friends and felt comfortable with them (I think they were impressed by finding a girl who likes the Evil Dead movies and who doesn't care if someone farts, which I guess is a rarity). However, for me there's a really fulfilling solidarity to be found in female company, of any age and background. I think a unique thing happens when women get together and talk, even when they disagree, and I'm glad I can be both an observer and a participant in this particular group.