Wednesday, February 27, 2002

And to share with my blog sisters, if you haven't read Helene Cixous yet, the Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing is a phemomenal book. I pull a quote here, that I first examined on my own blog:

"A woman who writes is a woman who dreams about children. Our dream children are innumerable. The writing time, which is like reading time--there is latency, there is pre-writing--is accompanied by a child state, what Tsvetaeva calls the "state of creation." The unconscious tells us a book is a scene of childbirth, delivery, abortion, breastfeeding. The whole chronicle of childbearing is in play within the unconscious during the writing period."

Cixous' examination of writing and the experience of women was truly moving for me. You may find the book of interest. I chronicle my read of the book on allied as well.