Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Why I am here...

I’m not a writer; I’m a visual artist.
I’m not a feminist; in fact, I heartily disagree with much of what contemporary feminism stands for.
I’m not a techie; I barely know enough HTML to keep from screwing up my own weblog on a daily basis.
I’m not politically correct or on the cutting edge, I’ve tried to be and it just isn’t me.

The reason why I wanted to join BlogSisters is because for the first time in my life, I felt like I found a good opportunity to belong within a group of women, even if it is at a distance. Over the years I have built several wonderful, enduring friendships with men, however I have avoided or ended friendships with women because of what I repeatedly observed when some females got together in groups. They had a tendency to belittle one another, gossip, and generally act catty. They often indulged in male bashing. They could not disagree on issues without things becoming personal. That kind of atmosphere just doesn’t appeal to me.

What does appeal to me, however, is genuine expression from a genuine soul, whether eloquent or not so eloquent. If I can sense authenticity in another person’s words, I’ll listen to them no matter what the topic may be. What I would like BlogSisters to be is a place where all women can be whomever they are and say whatever is on their mind at the time. I’d like to see everything from parenting tips to commentary surrounding current events. I also enjoy reading good-natured ribbing between friends and jokes seen from a female’s perspective. In short, I guess I am looking for a sense of community among women here that I have never been able to find elsewhere.

One other thing on my wish list while we’re at it: can we all stop writing in the commentary box so much? I’ve read some wonderful “comments” that would have made great entries on the main page and would stimulate some lively conversation. Simply put a “Re:” in front of the entry and respond to the topic you wish to discuss. Don't be shy, ok? :)

Anyway, that's my two cents for the day. ::plink plink::
More to follow, I'm sure!