Friday, March 22, 2002

A Fractured Fairytale...

Spending my afternoons watching old movies probably wasn't a good thing. They reminded me how impossibly high my standards were set when it came time to find a significant other. I can't blame it all on the old movies, though. I am a woman after all adn I was a little girl at one time and don't all little girls dream about Mr. Right at some point? I'm not a romantic, per se - too damn cynical for that, un hunh. I can be an idealist, though, and on certain days, especially rainy afternoon/playing hooky/phone off the hook kind of days, I can spend the afternoon watching old movies and crying like a baby for what I think I missed out on.
Anway, it got me thinking (between Kleenex) and it spawned this....just thought my sisters might be able to relate.