Wednesday, March 20, 2002

a few days late and you don't want to know how many dollars short

Geeze, I don't read for a few days and all hell breaks loose. Going back to earlier topics: I'm glad, in a way, that this site has been challenged. Personally, I needed to look more closely at why I blog and how I blog, which these challenges and insults have made me do. Reading everyone else's whys and wherefors has been illuminating. I agree, this site is a conversation, and as my sister-in-law says, conversation is a lost art. Perhaps the immediacy of the Internet has exacerbated that loss. I've blogged about this, and please forgive me for not wanting to write it out twice...but like I said, whoever joins this site does so because of who she is, not what she feels like discussing at the present moment. Jeneane (or someone -- sorry, couldn't find the reference) asked awhile back for us to share what makes us angry. More than anything else these days, what makes me grind my teeth with rage are people who expect women to only be reactive. To our partners, current, past or potential. To criticism. To categorization. "You're a woman, so you should only talk about X, X and X." "I'm a woman, so whenever I have a chance to hang with my girls, we're going to talk about sex." I am who I am (am I channeling the divine or Popeye? never sure), and I will continue to seek out that person as I grow, and will seek out the company of others on that same quest. We'll talk about racist language and foreign affairs and our homes and sex drives and friends and fears. And that's as much time as I'm going to spend defending this endeavor, which will merrily go on irregardless of anyone's approval or bitter condemnation.