Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Call for submissions

The 13th issue of Carnival of Feminists will be hosted on I See Invisible People on April 19. The theme of the issue will be "Feminism and Challenges - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual." Possible topics including: self-determination in health and mental health care, disability issues, transgender issues, issues of aging, integration of religion and feminist beliefs, economic issues, etc. The issue will not be limited to the theme, though I hope to get a nice collection of posts fitting it. Please feel free to nominate a post of your own, as well as those by other people.

Posts written after 5 April 2006 will be eligible. Nominations will close at midnight 17 April, though exceptions may be made if I have the time.

Nominations may be sent to ISeeInvisiblePeople AT or submitted through the online form.


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