Sunday, March 05, 2006

Movies Are America

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... Old Hollywood, that's what I remember come Oscar time, as we celebrate the brilliance, the magnificence and the creation and splendor of what movies have evolved to today.

As for all the trumped up controversy, a sort of revisiting of O'Reilly's war against Christmas mania, substituting movies instead, well, it's obvious that conservatives don't have much respect for the American people or the resiliency of the human spirit. There's not a person of independent movie going age that can't distinguish crap from cinema brilliance without the right-wing distinguishing the difference for them. Why Republicans hate, no let me rephrase that... Why conservatives are afraid of movies I'll never understand. It's got to be their basic disrespect and doubt, their distrust of the American spirit itself.

John F. Kennedy trumpeted the arts, and so did Ronald Reagan. George W. Bush and his bunch cower in the corner at anything remotely creative. It threatens their dogma, the ideology of group think and status quo. Kennedy would have thought George W. Bush a cretin. ...

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