Sunday, March 05, 2006

Call for Writers/Editors/Moderators etc for New Gender Issues Website

Hi Sisters,

Since last March, I have been running a Gender Issues Digest mailing list that collates the latest gender issues-related newslinks and goes out every 2 weeks to a growing group of Women's Studies groups, Rhodes women, academics and young feminists across different nationalities, creeds etc.

I am kicking the project up a notch in order to encourage/facilitate discussion and interaction. To this purpose, I have purchased some webspace to set up a non-profit Gender Issues website that will integrate the following:

1. Regularly updated Gender Issues links (a fortnightly/monthly digest will still be sent out to subscribers and the website will have an option to subscribe for new readers).

2. A section where Op-Eds and Articles on all aspects of Gender Issues will be published. This will cover everything from Feminism to Gay Rights to Dating.

3. A group blog for rotating columnists.

4. Message boards for discussions and space for announcing gender issues events, conferences etc.

There are plenty of feminist/women's issues websites and online communities out there but what differentiates this project is:

1. It focuses on Gender Issues rather than solely on Women's Issues.

2. It aims to showcase the diversity of opinion, creeds etc that characterise proponents of Feminism and Gender Issues. In particular, some priority will be given to voices from the developing world and ethnic minority women. This is not to say that the site will neglect news/articles/writing from North America and Europe but rather, this is an effort to present the widest cross-section of feminists/gender issues activists around.

The team I am building/looking to build will be very international and from all walks of life. Hopefully, the project will (eventually) have correspondents from different cultures and geographical regions.

The site is being designed and built at the moment and I am gathering the core team together. So if you are interested in being a rotating columnist, forum moderator, co-webmistress, blogger or part of the editorial team, or even if you have any questions about the project, please email me at

Thanks for your kind attention and looking forward to having some of you onboard the project.

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