Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Honor Killings in Iraq

This is a subject that cuts across political lines and every other line you can name. It's something we must all start talking about because it's a crime against humanity, but also because the Iraq war has led to these types of atrocities against the women of Iraq.

According to NPR, a young girl named "Fahtima" (spelling unknown) was recently kidnapped and the very idea that she might have been raped, caused her to lose her life. To get a medical test to see if she'd actually been raped would have been a bigger disgrace. So, her family killed her. It is called an "honor killing." After all, the family would have been ruined. The father could not lift his head. People in the tribe called "Fahtima's" abduction a "curse" on the family. Tribal customs demanded she be killed, so the family could be washed. They "contained" the situation by killing her, family members said. None of the women asked questions, though the mother wept.

We must speak out because it's simply too late for women in Iraq like "Fahtima."

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