Friday, May 13, 2005

Interesting New News About The Genia Shockome Case

Update: I forgot to mention that this e-mail was blind-copied to me. It was meant for someone else, but I and God knows how many other people were blind-copied. Silverside told me she was blind-copied. This is very, very.... curious.


When people were first able to write to Judge Amodeo about the Shockome case, they were given a fax number. Well, the fax machine was eventually shut off. Then, there was an e-mail address. I wrote to the judge via e-mail, as apparently a lot of people did. I sent an innocuous, short letter that included a suggested reading:

Joanna L. Klass and Joel V. Klass, "Threatened Mother Syndrome (TMS): A Diverging Concept of Parental Alienation Syndrome." American Journal of Family Law, 18. 4 (Winter, 2005), pp. 189-192.

I don't like that the authors called this a syndrome, because it isn't one. Plus Parental Alienation Syndrome is junk science. I wish the authors would have merely discussed and explained the behavior of such embattled mothers, because that would have been sufficient. The article explains an abused woman's frantic behavior in court because she is afraid the court will give her abusive ex custody of the children. She is trying to protect her children from further abuse, and she acts out inside and outside court. She is scared, confused, and desperate.

Things get even more curious: I received an unsolicited letter yesterday from a person from the New York State Court with a very defensive boilerplate text about the case as well as an Acrobat file of the transcript when Shockome was sentenced to 30 days in jail. I understand that lots of people are receiving this email. My commenter Silverside and blogger The Heretik received the same e-mail. Heretik wrote to me in e-mail that he had received it.

It was a very defensive letter, defending the judge. I found it curious that I should received such a letter, with the court transcript as an Acrobat attachment. I thought such transcripts were private, certainly not to be sent to complete strangers who had merely written a note to the judge expressing their dissatisfaction with how the case was being handled. I've never heard of anything like this happening before.

Here is what Silverside wrote in my comments. She also received this unsolicited e-mail.

I was wondering if anybody else got this package too. Pretty hyper-defensive response from the court head honchos to a simply worded email. And releasing a matrimonial transcript, something usually classified as private, to the public at large without any special request is particularly strange, virtually unprecedented. They must be really feeling the heat to go into overdrive like this. And doesn't Spitzer have better things to do, like go after organized crime figures or white collar ripoff artists on Wall Street? Nah, he's gonna beat up on a pregnant woman who's already in jail and doesn't speak English as her first language and didn't commit any real crime at all. Basically, she's there for a grade-school violation blown up large: speaking out of turn. Oh yea, big threat to public safety this one.

This certainly is an interesting turn of events. As I get more information, I'll post it.

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