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Genia Shockome - Petition

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The Petition to free Genia Shockome from the Duchess County, NY jail and to stay the judgement rendered by Judge Damian J. Amodeo on May 5, 2005 allowing the removal of her children from the State of New York is now active and online to be signed by as many people as possible.

Thank you.
Liliane Heller Miller
Co-Founder and Vice Chair
Battered Mother's Custody Conference


In regards to the case of Yevgenia (Genia) Shockome, Duchess County Family Court case number 29594,

We, the undersigned hereby PETITION the named judges, oversight agencies, and commissions to:

I. Immediately stay the May 5, 2005 judgement of Duchess County, NY Family Court Judge Damien J. Amodeo that allows for Genia Shockome's children to be moved out of the state of New York;

II. Remove Judge Damien J. Amodeo from the New York Matrimonial Commission;

III. Investigate and remove Judge Damien J. Amodeo from the Bench for:

a. Flagrant violations of the New York State Code of Judicial Conduct, including allowing his personal biases to supercede the evidence;

b. Human, Civil, and Constitutional rights violations, including refusing to stay the proceeding when Genia Shockome lost her attorney due to medical problems;

c. Failure to follow New York State statutes and rules of Civil Procedure;

d. Failure to follow the guidelines set forth in the Duchess County Domestic Violence Bench Manual, including making threats and attacks on domestic violence advocates who were present in the courtroom to support Genia Shockome.


Associate Justice Sondra Miller

Chair, New York Matrimonial Commission

The New York Commission on Judicial Conduct

The Honorable Judith Kaye, New York State Chief Judge; Chief Judge, Albany Court of Appeals

Judge Francis Nicolai, Administrative Judge of the 9th NY Judicial District.

Judge Joan Cooney, Family Court Administrative Judge

Yevgenia (Genia) Shockome, seven months pregnant and with medical complications, will be sitting in Poughkeepsie, NY City jail this Mothers Day after being incarcerated for 30 days "without bail" on the order of Duchess County, New York Family Court Judge Damian J. Amodeo. Her children are spending Mother’s Day scared and frightened, alone with the abuser on their way to Texas. They will never see their beloved mother again during their childhood unless the New York Appellate Division intervenes and stops deferring to the biased Judge Damian J. Amodeo, whose rulings have consistently favored the children's father, despite good evidence that he abused Genia and the children throughout their marriage (and, of course, throughout the separation as well, through abusive family court processes).

Genia, who appeared pro-se before Judge Amodeo on Thursday, May 5th, was held in criminal contempt for too-vigorously objecting to the judge's decision to allow her abusive husband to move their two children (ages around 7 and 9), to Texas--thousands of miles away from Genia, who had been their primary caretaker since birth, until around three years ago, when Amodeo gave the father sole legal and physical custody.

Having lost supervised visitation rights and having not seen her children for around eight months now, Genia may never see them again. One shocking twist to this sad tale is Judge Amodeo's own admission that he--and not the father--induced the post-traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks that Genia suffers from.

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Mo Therese Hannah, Ph.D.
Chair, Battered Mothers Custody Conference

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