Monday, April 04, 2005

What would a Minoan goddess do–vague thoughts on gratuities and peon empires

Not doing the Hooters jiggle

This is a long post. As long as it is because it's a subject I didn't want to occasion any sense of trivialization, which I felt was happening in an initial shorter version.

The Maidenform dream and the election train

Alicublog makes the post Guy Thing in response to Sex, Women and Conservatism by Dallas Claymore at the Citizen Journal.

In the meanwhile, that Internet philosopher, "Free online casino" attempted to comment on this website,

When women forge their own ‘gender identity’, in the way the feminists recommend, they become unattractive to men - or attractive only as sex objects, not as individual persons. And when men cease to be gentlemen, they become unattractive to women. Sexual companionship then goes from the world. by free online casino game

The Free Online Casino philosopher is exceedingly prolific. It's also got an unnerving bit of oracle bot to it that at the crankiest of times anticipates where the brain is wandering and plunges right through the looking glass dragging along PKD, John Cage and Timothy Leary into electric lands of internet potshot I Ching where Satan as opposer says "J'accuse" pointing at yon mountain which is you of course, all being you, you being god is all, and Satan having a high old time crashing every righteous brain party it predicts in your future. Up conjuring down, left conjuring right, in conjuring out, the bases are covered and what's frustrating is Anti doesn't believe a word of it, Anti's just there for sake of making sure there's a position to be established. If Anti believes in anything it's making maps.

I've been working on this sorry post several days only to have it twice destroyed by my not saving and my DSL going down and taking my work with it. I thought maybe I should drop the post entirely but I kept going back and looking at the graphic of Ms. Snake Minoan I'd made and thinking what would your typical Hooters customers do if this woman walked in the door, and what would she do if handed a Hooters t-shirt and shorts and told to sing "I wish I was an Oscar Meier Wiener" for her supper. I've no idea what her response would be as little is known about the Minoans, but she doesn't look the cheery and reassuring Malibu Barbie performing a snake goddess dance.

How did she come to mind? A how'd we get from here to here kind of thing, from her to Maidenform to Hooters. She came to mind because of all the "I dreamt I was" Maidenform ads that are popular for blog headings, and which do beg reflection as to their meaning, suggesting a secret almost mystical strength via the magic cups or what's contained, while also back-slapping with the contorted gender politics of the time, such as if there'd been a Maleform man he would never have dreamt adventures in his jockstrap, he would have declared them done. Ida Rosenthal's "I dreamt" was not only a great ad campaign that made every woman a potential star in her own life, one could argue or suppose it was pretty future feminist, the ads acting upon the notion women wanted other roles than what post WWII suburban America had been offering them after the soldiers came home and they were retired from the work force. The WWII posters showed Rosie the Riveter with her hair bound to keep it out of the production line machinary. The women may not now have been adventuring, but they were dreaming, maybe they would get past the production line and not only would the bra not get in the way, hey, Maidenform will make sure you're comfortable enough to be a contender (comfort was a selling point and can't be overlooked).

But the campaign got it wrong,wrong, wrong in the way the boob wars are going to go wrong when you drape a dreamy Maidenform mannekin FDR style over the caboose rail of a campaign train declaring that her bra won her the dream election.

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As said at start, this is a long post because of it's length I'll not put the full of it here as I'd feel like I was hogging. If anyone's interested, the rest is here . It's so long I even gave it subheadings, which should give an idea if any of the material might be interesting: When women burned their bras; The sacred wisdom; I didn’t see it in terms of sex rights, of academic rights, just another people power drama; Then they went out and got boob jobs; Sexist jerks or jerks?; Here’s a tip, I own you now; And, so?

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