Sunday, February 06, 2005

Just What Are Women Good At?

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We know women don't blog as well as men, especially about political subjects. We know this because a bunch of men who blog have said so.

We know women aren't very good at math and science. We know this because a dude working way above his mental pay grade said so.

Tonight, I learned through Matt Yglesias (via Mouse Words) that women aren't as funny as men. Matt also reports that he's funny. I don't know about you, but whenever I read Matt's blog I leave laughing my fucking ass off. So, maybe he's right.

Using the logic at work in the "there are more men getting paid to be funny, therefore men are more funny" axiom, I could also deduce that Asians aren't as funny as white folks and that Jews are funnier than Cubans. Yet, when liberal men examine the "men are more X than Y," it's always about gender and never about race.

Wonder why? I don't.

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