Monday, January 17, 2005

Let's Not Be Too Gay Too Soon.

How wack is this? In that many states, a middle-aged man can't marry another man, but can hump a chick that's barely hit puberty? O_O As stated in one of the comments, some of those numbers might be slightly off, but that still doesn't help much. Scrolling up a little in the latter link, it's really interesting to see that some countries allow homosexual sex but with a different age of consent than heterosexual sex. Some of the most striking ones:
Canada: 14; 18 for anal sex, sex with an authority figure, prostitution or appearing in pornography. A 14 year old may have sex with another who is as young as 12.

Hong Kong: gay 21, lesbian unknown, heterosexual females 16, heterosexual males 18

Ireland, Republic of: 17, 15 for lesbians and oral sex.
At least homosexual sex (or oral/anal sex between heteros, for that matter) can no longer be outlawed by any state in the US... since 2003! Thanks to which, even Virginians can legally drop their virginity without getting married!

And then you have Ann Coulter. Uh... Can't the conserves find a mouthpiece with a little more intelligence or tact? Guess not- they have a hard time finding lots of things, like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But at least now we know why we can't find Osama!

Much as modern mass media assholes and educational institutions like to paint MLK as the moderate, peaceful dreamer, I'm sure he would dismayed by how little we've actually progressed.

-gulab jamun

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