Thursday, January 13, 2005

Indonesian and Tsunami

Hi, my name is Imay , i'm coming from Indonesia. This is my very first post even i sign up for this blog . My country , as u know .. we are in condolence becuz of the Tsunami. Almost all the people in Aceh were dying and kids lost their parents. Can u imagine , one of our family is lost and u ll never find the body becuz the sea took them all from us.

Some of kids , need a new parents. But the trouble is not only that, we are consider about the healthy and the food. and off course , the development for new AceH , the town that hit by the tsunami.

and all the information about it , u can find in Indonesia Help , now we are trying to find the victims and try to find the new parents for the kids . They are need our hand , they are need love....



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