Sunday, January 23, 2005

Anti-Choicers: Leave San Francisco Alone!

So, today, on the 32nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I spent the entire morning and afternoon tracking thousands of anti-choice marchers -- in San Francisco. I initially hooked up with fellow pro-choicers at the Powell Street rally, but mid-way during the march to the Embarcadero, my freezing hands sought to cup some hot chocolate, so I made a detour into Boudin. When I emerged from the building, I realized I had been left very far behind, so I just walked straight up to the Embarcadero where I saw a crowd. I had walked squarely into the anti-choice rally.

Good thing I had my green pro-choice balloon and a NARAL sticker on my tit, 'cause I was not about to be made the young brown poster girl of the moral/religious fundamentalist brigade. The right has already become very savvy at this twisted form of affirmative action.

What was very disturbing to me was the number of children in this camp, very proudly sporting their ugly-ass orange "Walk for Life" shirts and holding their "Women deserve better than abortion" signs. I stared down this one kid, and he stared right back. "Fucker, you're ten. Go home and color," I wanted to say.

Anyway, why the hell did these people have to come from whichever red states and red counties? From their look, most of them really did not look like they were from the SF Bay Area. They already have the government, the media, most of the states and counties, most of the blogs, and most of the money; isn't that enough?! San Francisco was the safe haven of progressivism (well... other than the female sexual commodification bit) I could take comfort in, as compared to places like say, Carson City, Nevada. But they can't even leave us alone here!

So anyway, after a few words from some stupid crazed asshole that blabbed on about how the media has a liberal bias and how pro-life is pro-woman (as if they would oppose any policies that truly screwed women over), the anti-choice zealots (ACZs) started lining up to depart from the grassy area and take to the streets. It is then that I spotted the pro-choicers across the way, waiting to march alongside these fuckers. Some were already up ahead, since the ACZs were going to march all the way to the Marina.

Rather than join the other people with green balloons and pink signs, I just waited until the twenty-five cops provided for anti-choicers' security ('cause you know those liberals are dangerous people) allowed the ACZs to parade onto the street, and I stood in the middle of their path, facing them, poker-faced.

They were all actually very polite while walking past me as my balloon kept bonking people on the head. Some people even said "excuse me" nicely, and one person said, "Careful with that balloon, you might bonk someone!"

Precisely, Sherlock.

A few groups were marching with big banners and had to walk around me. One of them was the American flag. Muahahaha. I love mature acts of engaging the opposition.

One woman came up to me with a pitying yet scornful look and said, "God bless you, dear." "God bless you too!" I cheerfully responded. God knows the biyatch could use some saving from her contorted views.

I then caught up with the green/pink crew to walk alongside the turds, and that's where all the rudeness was exchanged. The funniest argument that I kept hearing from them was, "You wouldn't be here if your mother had an abortion!" Yes, very good. Perhaps a lesson in semantics would help you to avoid such a stupid, obvious statement that is not probative of jackshit? Pro-choice. As in, you can choose. Not as in, you CAN'T choose. Not as in, you MUST have an abortion. For the record, abortion WAS legal when my mom got pregnant with me, and she chose to have me. So how the hell does that fit in with your logic? This is the same idiotic rationale some ACZs seem to have with gay marriage too. Nobody is *making* you gay marry! You can still happily breed, though I wish you wouldn't.

A couple of friends and I, though, are thinking about proposing an amendment to mandate gay marriage. That, coupled with the enforcement of abstinence 'til marriage, would ensure that the issue of abortion would never even have to be raised! Perhaps bombarding the younger generation with SpongeBob will do the trick.

It was very scary how the line of ACZs just would not end. And this is freakin' abortion we're talking about! I never considered it a "left" issue. It is so mainstream, so middle-of-the-road, so "duh"! I know that some people are weird about wanting to have mandatory waiting periods or parental consent forms for minors and shit like that... but the very ability to choose? And of course, I'm sure most of these "pro-life" people are pro-death penalty, anti-welfare, pro-war, etc. Probably a very small percentage have sincere religious convictions and would oppose forms of fucking up real human lives up too.

All this depressing bullshit makes me think, damn, why can't the left get it together? Not everyone on the right is 100% in concurrence with one another, but look how organized they are. They can get the numbers out here in full force, matching shirts and all.

But aside from the comparative dearth of resources and the differing priorities of various communities within the left, I find it hard to be down with "progressives" until we all seriously sit down and *really* *be* *progressive*. There are some negotiables (and I'm sure we'll all have different ideas on what those are...) and some non-negotiables. My hugest pet peeve is opposing one form of oppression by using another. Check these two instances that happened today. 1) A blonde pro-choice demonstrator walking up to an anti-choice group of people that were singing prayers in Spanish and yelling, "This is MY country, and here, women have a choice!" 2) A scruffy "liberal" man yelling to a cluster of marching Latinos and saying, "You're lucky you're even in this country!"

Defending women's human rights using xenophobic bigotry? Ignorant, ineffective, indefensible. We have a long way to go. All of us.

- gulab jamun

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