Saturday, December 04, 2004

Been Gone L-o-n-g Time

Hey everybody I have not logged in here forever, I don't know how long it has been really, maybe a couple years. This is because I was in school and after graduation became a VISTA volunteer for the Community Tech Centers. It has been a trip to say the least. I mean, I have always wanted to get my degree and now that I have it, nothing has changed much. Is this because I am over 50?

I also got very involved with the election process more than I ever have before. Let me tell you something, I have learned something about myself through all the caucuses, distirict meetings and the election. I have learned that I am a gossip even though my mama told me that people with class talk about things not other people and I have always tried to follow that philosophy. But I guess I am more of a gossip that I thought I was, lol.

For instance I was at local caucus last spring and I overheard some "insider" people talking about this meeting they attended that included some local politicians at the city and state level. One of them started to tell a story about how a local politician stood up at this meeting with his hat in hand and confessed he had voted for Nadar in 2000. There I am around the corner listening to this because I was standing in line for my name to be marked off.. Honest. I was not there to liten to them. But to my own horror, I left that line and edged closer to hear more. As they talked and gossiped about how shocked the whole room was and how another elected official read the riot act to the confessor, I listened, fascination at what I heard. I was also wishing like hell I could join in the conversation. I wanted to say that our vote is secret and this man did not have to say the way he voted and that I thought it was awful that he was lambasted that way. I mean really, who can you trust? Evidently not people from your own party that you have known forever, for one!

Another thing I learned is that politicians are like peacocks. You know how those birds strut around and try to wow the female by expanding out their tails into a heueueueueueuge fan? Really, whether or not it impresses a female or scares another male, they are nothing without that tail. Politicians are like that. They strut around and get real big and try to impress you with a bunch of talk and that talk is like the peacock's tail.~ and it does not seem there is any difference between men or women, they both do it.

So now I am hooked. I will most likely be part of politics until I die. I have realized that every factor of my life was preparing me for it. From the time I knew not to tell my daddy something because I knew it would make him mad to the dynamics of a room I walk into, who likes whom and who is the tattletale and who is the power behind the throne, I have been learning about politics. I am glad I am a woman because we already know sometimes we have to be subtle and indirect to get things, you know? And yes, sometimes we have to fan out our tales in order to get things done, all right. Though I am past that part now at my age.

So now what do I do with this knowlege? I am getting old and I am not sure where to put it. I guess I will just sit back and wait. Maybe I will I will teach younger women what to do with it. Or maybe I will run for office because there are some issues I have some ideas about. Or maybe I will just take it all to my grave, who knows? We will see...

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