Thursday, September 02, 2004

Quien es Mas Macho?

Jesse: "The delegates, the entire convention, are much more hostile to Democrats than the DNC was to the Republicans. In Boston, it was 'Bush has done a bad job.' In New York, it's 'John Kerry is a scumsucking bitch.'"

Atrios: "Suck it up if you're unemployed. Pussies."

Giblets: "And all this on compassion night! Man, I thought all these speeches were gonna be for pussies."

Kevin Drum: "Overwhelmingly, liberal bloggers seem to feel that if they watch the Republican convention speakers any longer they will explode. So they aren't. Even the ones who are specifically in New York to cover the convention can't stand it and are mostly hanging out and just chatting with each other.

Steve Gilliard: "Bush is a gutless bitch. Yes, this was a campaign stunt, and yes, Cleland has his own grudges against these people, but a real man would have invited Cleland and Rassman up to the ranch house, gave them some sweet tea, taken the letter and let them go. So he hides behind some lackey. Just like he's hidden behind women's skirts his entire life. And he calls himself a Texan. I didn't know Texans were pussies. His father must be cringing. He's done his share of dirt, but personal courage was never something Bush Sr.lacked. His son, sadly, has no courage, no character, and no guts. He talks big, but he's hiding from a triple amputee. It's not like he wore a horse's head."

Now, replace some of the words in bold above with your choice of:
  • jigaboo
  • beaner
  • chink
  • sand-nigger
  • oven-dogger
  • Beastie Boyz
  • vodka pisser

Love the sinners, hate the sin. And before you go searching through my entries, I'll admit that I've been as guilty of it as the next gal. But, no more.

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