Monday, August 16, 2004

Back to School

It's not like we have kids that we have to buy new clothes and supplies for. It's not like we take our annual summer vacation at the beach or Disneyworld with the masses. It's not as if I'm anxiety-ridden in anticipation of the end of some steamy summer romance. But, the familiar sensation is there just the same.

Maybe it's the days are getting shorter and the light outside is changing. Maybe it's the commencement of reminder pop-ups on my calendar -- reminders of all the decisions and life-changes I've promised to make after Labor Day. Maybe it's the indelible mark Sister Mary Therese's ruler left on my psyche.

No matter how long I've been out of school -- and that's almost 20 years now -- I always get that dreaded end-of-the-summer, back-to-school feeling this time of year.

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