Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Happy Mother's Day

Okay, I'm a little early but . . .Happy Mother's Day

Save the Children has published a report on the
State of the World's Mothers, intended to coincide with celebrations of Mother's Day. Out of 119 countries rated, Sweden is ranked number 1 and the US 10th in terms of well-being of mothers and children, while Iraq (just for comparison)is 89th and Niger the last. In addition to presenting the problems the world's women and children face (including children having children, poverty and poor health, and limited access to education), the report makes many concrete recommendations about what can be done to improve even the direst situations. These recommendations include:
--helping girls get an education
--tailoring health services to young married women and girls (HELLO Bush administration: this means access to family planning information and services and an end to the
global gag rule)
--giving girls income earning options to help them delay marriage and childbearing
--supporting efforts to change social attitudes towards girls
--improving laws regarding minimum marriage age and enforcing laws already in place
--getting the US to commit to supporting girls education programs at home and around the world.

The details are in the report, which is both chilling and encouraging at the same time. Go to Save the Children's Legislative Center for ideas about how you can take action. Then give your kids and your mom and your family and friends a hug, and count your blessings.

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