Friday, May 28, 2004

Find a Job Rant

I am going to have rant right now. When is the job market going to become better than it has been? Why is it that recruiters are not really even looking at resumes? What is the point of writing one when they are not even paying attention? To get myself through college, I was working as a Help Desk Analyst. So now I am always getting calls like these

Me: Hello?

Recruiter: Hello, may I speak to Shevonne Polastre?

Me: This is she...

Recruiter: Hi, my name is So-and-So, I was wondering if you are still in the market?

Me (excited): Yes, yes I am.

Recruiter: Oh great! I work for Such-and-Such. I have a wonderful Help Desk opportunity. Would you be interested?

My heart sinks once again. I could take the lower or higher ground. If I took the lower, I would say

Me: I gather that you didn't even pay attention to my resume. No, I am not looking for a Help Desk position. This is the reason that the resume title was "English Grad looking to start Writing Career."

However, I take the higher ground and say

Me: No, I am sorry, but I am looking for a position closer to my major.

Recruiter: Oh, what is your major?

Me: English

Recruiter: Oh, ok. Well good luck!

This is my plead. Please, please take the extra seconds to read everything on someone's resume. When someone is desperately looking for a job, it doesn't help when she is shot down for a position that she wasn't fond of, but only had to finance her way through college and life. I want to start a career in either Writing or Public Relations.
Public Relations you might ask. Well, every time I throw social events, they are always wonderful, and I love planning them. So, why not.

Well good luck to all you fellow job seekers. I don't know. I hear that fast food places make about $9 an hour now. At least if I have that on my resume, I will get called for Customer Service positions.

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