Saturday, April 03, 2004

Jill Scott - Thickness lyrics

Today I did something I thought I would never do, I added a iTunes playlist to my blog. I was motivated to do this because I was listening to Jill Scott's song Thickness and I was so deeply and profoundly moved that it affected everything I was doing. This song is half spoken word poetry/ half song. The lyrics available online don't do it justice because they don't include the monologue that precedes the poem. In essence the poem talks about a young girl that Scott sees on the street. This 14 year old "baby" is dressed provocatively and is smiling at the obscenities that are being yelled at her by men twice her age. Scott gives a phenomenal read on what causes our daughters, sisters, friends to want to dress and behave in the manner that they do. She blames every thing from television to horomones in dairy products. This is one deep piece. At the very least read the lyrics, but the song is a must hear. Run out and buy the CDs or head over to the iTunes store and slap down your 99 cents. It is well worth it.

N.B. As Scott says, "This is grown folks music" so the language is a little graphic.

Jill Scott - Thickness lyrics
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Precious Williams said...

This track completely blew me away. Jill is an incredible artist.

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