Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Rollover for Blogrolls

I do not wish to detract from DB's important post with a simple structural tool, but I think this is useful. It is a rollover feature designed for acronyms that I have adjusted to use with my blogroll so that I can descriptively label each blog. This way, a long list does not seem too imposing to review. If you go to my blog you can see how it works, and then copy the format via my source code. (If I try to write the html in a post, the post will not publish.) Another usefull site I just found is here, and work with the instruction for "acronym".

And Dru, I immediately thought Rush too, and share your sentiments. We need more women in politics and more in the courts. We have no one to blame but ourselves at this point in history. If anyone knows of a group(s) that encourages women and girls to run for political office, please leave me a comment. Thanks.

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