Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Fear Factor

As I walked to my office yesterday, I wondered, "Where the heck is this neo-conservative movement coming from?" Later that afternoon Talk of the Nation aired Building a Library of Democracy. Orlando Patterson, a Harvard professor and author of Freedom and the Making of Western Culture (1991 National Book Award winner) recommended Democracy Ancient and Modern, by Moses Finley. Finley believes that democracy, both in Ancient Greece and early Virginia, arose out of a perceived need for "exclusive inclusiveness." In both societies, the free white males needed to structure to ensure solidarity against a potential threat - then, vast numbers of non-Greek slaves within the demographic; in Virginia, the unfree black and a slightly more vocal female living alongside as well.

Is the neo-con movement another stab at exclusive inclusiveness?

This is not my area, but I was wondering if anyone had the time, connections, interest, or background to look into this.? If we can identify the root, maybe it will be easier to challenge.

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