Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Dear damali,

I read about your site, on MSNBC and was so amused and intrigued that I had to pay a visit. I commend what you are doing, and I hope it helps to open more then a few eyes to Western culture’s objectification of people.

I also am an artist, though not a conceptual one, and I also operate on the fringe because I am a white American convert to Islam. As a practicing Muslim I wear a scarf, face veil and over garment. Therefore, I am very frequently stopped by people in order to be asked a wide variety of questions and receive comments:

“Is it hot under all those clothes?”
“Do you have to wear that?”
“What do you believe in?”
“Do you wear that when you take a shower?”
“How can your child bond with you if she can’t see your face?”
“What do you think of Sadam?”
“Can I see your hair?”
“#!^%& Terrorist!”
“Go home!”

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