Thursday, May 01, 2003

Getting what I want...

So, last night I went out for coffee after work with some friends. Before I could go, though, I had to call up the hubs and make sure he was going to be up for dealing with the children for the extra hour or so before bedtime.

So, I made the call, and made the plans, and was all set to go. A client that I goof around with a lot came into the office and said "I overheard your conversation" (I talk really loud, so this was not odd at all) "And...So...I thought it was really nice that you called your husband to let him know you were going out." "yeah," I said, "I kind of need to, since he's watching the kids and all."

The client paused, got a sly look on his face, and continued, "Yeah, but I could totally tell you were going to go whether he liked it or not!"

GAH! This is exactly what Steven accuses me of ALL the FREAKING TIME. Like I only call to inform that I'm going to do whatever I damn well please, regardless of how he feels about it. Which, yeah, if it's not a big deal or no one is dying or whatever, is probably pretty accurate.

So, I ask it such a bad thing that I usually get what I want? Does it mean that I'm a brat because I get my way much of the time? Or does it just mean that I don't ask for something unless I know it's reasonable to expect it? What, exactly, is wrong with getting what I want?

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