Friday, May 23, 2003

An experience in time travel

Today after school I took my daughter to the mall. She wanted to go to Hot Topic for some plastic bracelets.

Over the years I've gone shopping with my nieces and daughter and the experience reminded me of my high school shopping days. The experience reminded me is the operative phrase here. Not the actual stores.

Today was an altogether different story. The store had racks of biker/bondage bracelets and belts. Those always tend to be around in one form or another. Then there were racks of shirts held together by safety pins. You know, like kids used to wear but we used to rip our own shirts apart and pin them with our own safety pins. And then on the wall were posters of The Clash and The Ramones and Sid Visc.... what are they doing here? And why are they NEW? And what's that playing on the stereo? A remake of that Aerosmith song, the one about "sleeping late and smokin' tea!" OH, NO! It's a time warp! No! It's the actual Time Warp! On the stereo! Aaaauuuugggghhhh....

No, wait! It's all right. It's just a partial time warp. There's a Nirvana poster on the wall. Not that it's exactly current, but it seems new to ME, because whereas I didn't see The Clash Before They Were Famous because my parents wouldn't let me go to a seedy dive downtown, I didn't see Nirvana Before They Were Famous because I was too busy with my husband and baby.

But truly, the only major difference between Hot Topic today and a similar store in 1978 is that in 1978 a store like Hot Topic would never, ever, ever have been allowed in a mall.

P.S. While Hot Topic was channeling the age of punk, the men's department at Norstrom's was on its own nostalgia trip to 1984. You know, I thought I would be glad to walk into any store and see nice, bright colors for a change, rather than the sea of ugly-patterned neutrals in which we've been swimming, but after trying to imagine my husband in a bright loud multicolored plaid shirt, I realized that we've already Done That, and while we had a great time, I don't think I want to Do That again.

Although I do miss the turned-up collars.

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