Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Anyone read about nothing?

I keep a journal-- two actually, a personal one and one for business-- that are very useful and satisfying to me, but I never thought would be of interest to anyone else. (Typical non-editorial entries: "Exercise: Skated for forty minutes." "Household: Changed air cleaner filters.") When I have thoughts I'd like to share with the world I usually don't have the time or energy to post them to my largely-abandoned public blog. Now I'm hearing about very popular blogs that don't contain any great thoughts. There's one in particular from a man in England who just reports what he's doing in real time. Example given by news soundbite: "I'm drumming my fingers on the desk." I wish I had his URL, but I didnt' catch that part.

Anyway, I regularly read the blogs of Blog Sister members and other a few other people, and they are full of interesting and insightful information and opinions. Does anyone regularly read blogs that are mostly reports about daily happenings with the occasional editorial note? I need to reinvent my blog, but I'm not sure into WHAT.

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