Saturday, April 05, 2003


The toll of a war that has taken Allies to the gates of Baghdad
05 April 2003
130,000 British and American troops are in action in Iraq from a total force of 250,000 in the Gulf.

The Allies have launched 725 Tomahawk cruise missiles, flown 18,000 sorties, dropped 50 cluster bombs and discharged 12,000 precision-guided munitions.

There have been an estimated 1,252 Iraqi civilian deaths, 57 Kurdish deaths and 5,103 civilian injuries.

88 Allied troops have been killed in the conflict, 27 of whom are British.

At least 12 Allied soldiers are missing, 34 Allied soldiers have been killed in 'friendly fire' incidents or battlefield accidents.

9 journalists have been killed or are unaccounted for.

There have been 2 suicide attacks on US troops, killing 7 soldiers.

8,023 Iraqi combatants have been taken prisoner of war.

So far, 0 weapons of mass destruction have been found.

1,500,000 people in southern Iraq have no access to clean water.

200,000 children in southern Iraq are at risk of death from diarrhoea.

17,000,000 Iraqis are reliant on food aid, which has now been stopped.

600 oil wells and refineries are now under British and American control.

80bn dollars has been set aside by US Congress to meet the cost of war.

A capital city of 5,000,000 people now stands between the Allied forces and their 1 objective: the removal of Saddam Hussein

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