Monday, March 10, 2003

WAR ON TERROR: License for the CIA to Abduct Children?

What will it take for America to wake up?

Will it take the abduction of two small boys by our intelligence agencies? Might that do it? Is that enough to waken the apathetic American soul? I wonder...I really do.

In her post US Interrogating Children, Jeralyn Merrit at TalkLeft is on top of the story of two little boys, ages nine and seven, who were kidnapped by the United States and are being used as pawns in a sick game to get their father, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, an al Qaeda deputy to talk. You may call "kidnap" too strong a word. I don't. By what authority does the United States have to remove these children from their homeland?

The children in question have been in Pakistani custody since September, when agents descended on their home. Their father managed to escape but the children remained, cowering in a closet when discovered. Mohammed had been on the run since that time when he was picked up last week by Pakistani authorities. This past weekend, the children were turned over to CIA custody and shipped off to some undisclosed US location.

I encourage you to head on over and read what Jeralyn's got to say. I couldn't agree with her more.

While it's all well and good that we bring the architects of 911 to justice, it is morally reprehensible that we are using children as leverage.

On what charges are we holding these children?

Are they considered "enemy combatants" once-removed?

How does the United States of John Ashcroft justify the incarceration of these kids? And, please do yourself a favor and don't give me this nonsense that they're are in good hands and not being hurt. Bottom line: they're being kept against their will and aside from their captors, there's not a soul who can vouch for their safety.

How does the US explain its actions? According to Britain's Telegraph, our rationale goes like this:

"His sons are important to him. The promise of their release and their return to Pakistan may be the psychological lever we need to break him."

Two boys...

Nine and seven years of age...

Being held as pawns in a game of psychological torture...

I ask you...are you prepared to have some country storm these shores and steal your children away in the night? Are you prepared to have your kids used as a psychological tool to pull information from you?

If you're not, then I'd suggest you be outraged and opposed to what's going on here.

Here's the nut: if the United States can get away with this, what's to stop any other nation from doing the same damn thing against the children of our military and intelligence?

We need to wake up.

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