Monday, March 10, 2003

Grassroots Blogger Survey Request

Hi Blogsisters! Here's a request from a friend of mine who is a female blogger (but does not belong to Blogsisters at the moment because she is doing the grassroots blogger survey mentioned in the heading)--I've reproduced her email in its entirety since it explains everything. It would be great if you took the survey to help add to the data she needs to collect for her thesis. On the plus side, she does have a section asking for people's gender and the survey results may well partially answer Drucilla's question as to what percentage of bloggers out there are female bloggers!

Hey Everyone!

All of you are blogging friends of mine, or good friends of mine who may know some bloggers! As most of you know I'm working on my theis; I'm asking why bloggers blog and what do they use their blogs for. As part of this I've put together a survey of bloggers. It's a grassroots survey - the only way I have to get the word out is "word of mouth" or site-by-site, and I need help getting the word out to other bloggers to participate. A blog, in case you aren't sure, is like an online diary or journal - mine is at, and I have another one at

The survey is located at If you don't blog but know people who do, please pass on the word! If you blog, please take it, and I humbly humble ask you to post it on your blog with a note saying you know me and it's all cool so that those bloggers who read your blog can take it. Tell your blogging friends!!! It will be up until March 15th (Saturday night) so please do this as soon as possible! I am incredibly grateful to you, and you will receive grateful credit in my thesis acknowledgements and a mention in one of the appendixes. =D

On another note:

Blogsisters who read my blog regularly, please accept my apologies for the delayed unveiling of my new passworded blog. Life has been hectic and regular blogging (plus the new blog) will resume as soon as March is over (that's when the semester is done)!

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